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High-Quality CBD

Our Balms are the perfect targeted topical treatment for your body or face, designed to relieve pain and inflammation, as well as positively influence your skin’s health. We combine thoughtful, natural ingredients with our high-quality CBD oil—all packed with anti-oxidants and anti-aging properties—to bring powerful protection, relief and healthy looking skin.

Body Balm



Our Topical Body Balm is packed with CBD, making this a high-strength blend of agricultural hemp oil and natural ingredients. Designed for universal relief, the Balm is tailored to relieve intense localized pain, while reducing swelling. The botanical blend moisturizes harsh skin conditions, that are otherwise pesky to treat, with no side effects.

Lip Balm



Compact and super convenient, our Lip Balm was designed for intense lip nourishment. Our blend of beneficial ingredients work together to repair damaged skin and protect to maintain healthy, beautiful lips. Moisturize dry lips, reduce inflammation from environmental damage and protect from the elements—you will notice the appearance and quality of your lips improve.