Hemp-Infused Skincare

Universal Relief

All of our topical products are blended with agricultural hemp—our powerful ingredient that naturally interacts with your body’s receptors to positively influence your health. When applied topically, hemp interacts within the layers of your skin to help maintain it's natural balance. Because of hemp’s natural ability to relieve pain and inflammation, many of our customer’s have reported that it has helped with their arthritis, autoimmune symptoms, muscle soreness & tension, bruising, swelling, psoriasis, eczema and more.

Sugar Scrubs


Lavender Lemon &

Kissed by the Sun

Salt Scrub


Arnica Rose

Coffee Scrub


Vanilla Espresso

Epsom Soak

Eucalyptus Cooler

Massage Oil

Relaxing Relief

Lip Scrub

Cinnamon Pucker

Extra Strength Balm


Minty Fresh

Lip Balm


Minty Fresh

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