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Sugar Scrubs

"I used the scrub this morning and I love it!!! I have the Lavender Lemon and I loved the smell and bits of flower inside—reminds me of a posh spa scrub. It left my skin feeling smooth and hydrated, not to mention the CBD has a calming effect as well as the lavender. I'm pretty chill today, it's a blessing!"

Christy // Sugar Scrub

"I love the Kissed by the Sun Sugar Scrub! The smell is amazing and makes my skin feel like velvet. It provides a calming effect and helps take away the aches of a long day."

Taylor // Sugar Scrub

"I used the Kissed by the Sun Scrub—best one yet! I love the moisture it put back in my skin. I didn't even have to use moisturizer after my shower. I was that comfortable in my skin. Very important to me as I have psoriasis. The dry year we are experiencing this year is relentless. I love the fragrance, smells delicious!"

Cathy // Sugar Scrub

Extra Strength Balm

"I have used the Balm for 8 months! I have psoriasis and my dog has allergies that cause hot spots. I use the Balm on myself to relieve the itching, discomfort and rid the embarrassing skin patches psoriasis causes. I use it on my dog Maggie for her hot spots that cause her itching. She immediately stops licking them, which helps her heal and her fur grow back"

Cathy // Sugar Scrub

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