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Healthy Lotus provides a wholesale line of high-quality hemp-infused products, which couples the benefits of CBD with natural, ethically sourced ingredients. Our topical blends range in application, but all provide relief for pain, inflammation and skin problems including arthritis, chronic pain, sports injuries, psoriasis, eczema and more.

Whether your business is large or small, we can accommodate you and your customers needs to find beautifully nourished, healthy skin. If you are looking for a new hemp-infused product to use with clients, or have a customer flavor favorite—we curate custom blends to satisfy your bottom line!

Hemp-Infused Skincare



Our Scrubs are an all-in-one product: cleansing, exfoliating and moisturizing the skin to provide ultimate skin nourishment. They contain fine natural particles that make excellent topical exfoliants. As the Scrub is massaged into the skin, it removes the dead layer sitting on your skin’s surface. As the dead skin cells are washed away, our hemp and carrier oils penetrate into your skin’s layers to provide deep moisture and nourishment. Scrubs are naturally beneficial to those with skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema, but our hemp oil adds an added boost of relief. Because of our hemp’s ability to act on the receptors in the layers of your skin, our blends also provide pain and inflammation relief.

Sugar Scrubs, Salt Scrub, Coffee Scrub and Lip Sugar Scrub 



Soaks are designed for bath lovers! When added to a warm bath, our Epsom Soak allows you to submerge your body in an Epsom Salt and Hemp Oil blend. Epsom salt naturally helps to relieve pain, muscle cramps, inflammation, headaches and even promote feelings of relaxation. With our hemp oil infusion, you get an added boost of potency to reduce those symptoms.

Epsom Soak 



Our Balms are the perfect targeted topical skincare treatment for your face or body, designed to relieve pain and inflammation, as well as positively influence your skin’s health. We combine thoughtful, natural ingredients with our high-quality hemp oil to bring powerful protection and relief.

Body and Lip Balm

Hemp Skin Benefits

Hemp is a powerful ingredient that will have you ditching those other products. Learn more about how hemp works with your skin to create a happy balance for a healthy, glowing complexion.

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